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2018-05-23 16:00 CEST

Whitepaper KYC

Because business are people

What is 2100NEWS?

The first news platform of the new economy, 2100NEWS delivers business and markets news, data, analyses, radio, podcasts and video to the world. 2100NEWS.com covers crypto, blockchain, IoT, ICOs, new financial markets and decentralized economy in general.

Our services run on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers via online TV, radio, squawk box, newsletters and podcasts. We are already in the top third of ICO listing websites and expect to reach 40 million monthly page views and 500,000 community members by the end of 2018.

We are multimedia of decentralized economy

It’s important to note that even though our current platform is only a concept of what we plan to develop after the crowdfunding is complete, we are already building a loyal following of thousands of daily visitors. We set it up to demonstrate our ideas and introduce our team to our contributors, but we plan to develop it much further with the ICO funds.

Because our project is multi-layered (CEDGAR, IRIS, TV, WEB) it may have caused some confusion within our community and we hope that the new website design better reflects our vision for the future of 2100NEWS.

Our project is evolving very quickly, so we invite you to bookmark our website and return regularly to see what new features we have added. There are a lot of updates coming very shortly to both CEDGAR and ICO listings, plus we have a lot of new video content waiting to be published, which you won't want to miss.

Analyst commentaries through our own dedicated internet, TV and radio channels.






Our key innovations

2100NEWS joins together the main sources of information of the new economy: financial information and news. Each of them is supported by its own new technology: CEDGAR and IRIS.

CryptoEdgar supports ICOs. It provides a secure space for their reports, press releases and other official information. This space will make comparison and informed investment decisions much easier for investors.

IRIS is a decentralized P2P protocol for reporting market news. Any piece of news originating from the news writers is filtered by 2100NEWS media hub to verify and classify it.


Real time data of token issuers and depository of authorized financial and price sensitive information



Initial coin offering (ICO) enterprises need an efficient way to communicate with their current and potential supporters, and the supporters need clarity and accountability from the enterprises. This is why we provide a real-time platform for gathering all relevant data from ICO initiatives and a history of their financial information.

IRIS protocol

Decentralized Reporting of Market News

What Alibaba is for commerce, what AirBnB is for tourism, what Uber is for transportation, 2100NEWS IS FOR MEDIA. 2100NEWS enables news to be sourced and verified from the crowd, awarding publication and rewarding verification between real and fake news.


Who else is better suited to report and comment on what is going on at ground zero of the crypto movement, than the people participating in it? Integrating different behaviours, such as posting, tagging, upvoting, commenting, sharing, etc., creates a powerful system for sorting information both in terms of its content and relevance.


Rewarding participation

By rewarding people’s contribution to the news cycle with NWS tokens, an effective incentive is created to invite previously passive consumers of media into engaged participants in the quest to discover, express, sort, validate, review and share the next breaking crypto story.

Decentralized smart infrastructure

Currently, ICO initiatives are risky for both the enterprise - as it is hard to stand out from the crowd - as well as for the backers - as it is difficult to keep a transparent overview of the ICO progress and to hold the enterprise accountable. Additionally, there is a great need for a trusted outlet of crypto-news for the mainstream media channels.

2100NEWS token (NWS) will be the fuel of our 2100NEWS news and media hub. Token will be used as a key to verify the source and to time-stamp the news and reports distributed via our P2P protocols. It will also be used as payment for content providers and pricing of news, while token issuers will use them to publish their official information.

Any client not owning our tokens will be charged a fee in the currency they are trading in. Conversion of the fee cost into NWS tokens will be executed automatically, whereas clients owning NWS will have their NWS subtracted from their balance, based on the current NWS market value.

The four pillars of the crypto economy

  • Software, coins and miners

    Software and hardware powering the decentralized economy - everything the crypto community have developed so far.

  • Exchanges

    Exchanges represent the financial infrastructure of the crypto economy.

  • 2100NEWS Media Hub

    2100NEWS will be the information highway for all stakeholders in the crypto community. This will increase trasparency, build trust and improve the reputation of the crypto economy.

  • Real life implementation

    Blockchain implementation in everyday life - how the blockchain technology will change our everyday life - like the clothes we wear, cars we drive, social networks we use, and the food we eat.

NWS token functions


Affiliate Chart

Approved group leaders will be able to participate as affiliates. Reward program starts at $30,000 where you get 1.50% bonus and it increases proportionally to a maximum of 5% referral bonus paid in NWS tokens.

Minimum total referral contribution to receive Affiliate Bonus is $30,000.00 where you get 1.50% Bonus NWS Tokens.

Early bird bonus

Presale and Crowdsale Chart


ETH/USD hourly rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens immediately - 15%) EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=970USD ↦ 9,700 NWS + Bonus 1,455 NWS = 11,155 NWS


ETH/USD end of presale rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens at the end of presale - 10%) EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1000USD ↦ 10,000 NWS + Bonus 1,000 NWS = 11,000 NWS


ETH/USD hourly rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens immediately - 5%) EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1,020USD ↦ 10,200 NWS + Bonus 510 NWS = 10,710 NWS


ETH/USD end of crowdsale rate (When you choose to receive NWS tokens at the end of crowdsale - 0%) EXAMPLE: Contribution 1.00 ETH=1,050USD ↦ 10,500 NWS

Fund Distribution

Fund Distribution Pie Chart

NWS Token Distribution

NWS Token Distribution Pie Chart

2100NEWS KYC system

KYC will be used to ensure that financial reports come from verified sources. KYC combined with client wallet and NWS token, will form a cryptographic signature: B2B for source verification and B2C for ICOs.


So what’s ahead of us?

Our team